Video slots

Video Slots

The concept of video slots, what they are and how they play

Video slots are slot machines presented on online platforms and in land-based gambling halls. The main difference between these machines is the absence of physical reels with symbols. The operation of video slots is based on computing programs and electronic control mechanisms.

Video slots, like every type of casino games, have their own characteristics that make them different from other games. When you start a game, the first thing that catches your eye is the number of vertical lines, the so-called drums. There are five of them in almost all slot machines, but three are rare (there are only three such slots). Video slots have payment lines. If you place bets on several drum lines at once, you can get a pretty good win.

The main element of the slot is the size of the bet that the player makes on one line. Although the developers have made it possible to play video slots for free, many gamers choose to play for real money. In addition, the range of the bet that the player makes is very wide and depends on the personal choice of the casino visitor. You can choose a very small rate, ranging from a few kopecks to thousands of rubles.

Each slot has its own maximum bet and win limits. The casino has free slot machines that you can play at any time of the day or night, as well as promotions that are held regularly. Vulcan casino often gives out to beginners a certain amount of money, which is enough for several spins. This is done so that the player can get acquainted with the game for real money and feel the excitement.

Basic game principles

Online slots that are present in modern online casinos may seem obscure to unprepared players. Special bewilderment can be caused by slot machines with three-dimensional graphics for those gambling enthusiasts who previously had an experience of interacting only with classical systems. In fact, there is no particular difficulty here. The player's task is to press the button and wait for the moment of lining up three symbols in a row. Usually, beginners are repelled by the presence of video slots with a different number of available reels, as well as rows where combinations can be lined up both horizontally and in a zigzag, diagonal, or in some other tricky way.

The player first needs to decide how many betting lines he needs to choose. Most of the online slots have 10-25 lines, but their total set can sometimes reach very high numerical values. Often there are fixed lines, and therefore the gameplay is carried out simultaneously at all.

Winning lines are counted after the reel stops spinning. Various combinations of 3 or more symbols appear. The monetary amounts to be paid are determined by the bet and the value of the symbol values ​​used in the specified combination. They are defined in different ways, and information about them can be obtained by going to a special table in the main menu.

Fundamental definitions

Casino Video Slots

Features of payments

The slot machines of the standard type had only one line, which was responsible for the payment system. It included only 3 symbols in a row in the middle. Some modern slots still support such formats.

However, nowadays, many online slots are characterized by an incredible number of lines that can increase the likelihood of a winning match of symbols.

Special symbol "Wild"

This type of symbol is found in any machine. They are responsible for replacing symbols other than special ones, thereby contributing to the creation of prize combinations.

Special symbols "Bonus" / "Scatter"

This symbolism is also found in most video slots. They are responsible for activating auxiliary rounds in which you can get special rewards. In some cases, they are able to build their own combinations, and also perform useful functions of a different kind.

Strategic decisions

Modern game-type systems are based on the use of a generator of "random" numerical values. This means that the sequential spins have no connection with each other. For this reason, it is rather foolish to adhere to the opinion that it is possible to predict the behavior of the slot.

To get a significant chance of a good win, you should always carefully monitor the odds value responsible for the return of bets. The larger this value, the higher the mathematical indicator will be.

Slot games developers

Slot machines are one of the most popular entertainment online, and every day millions of users come to online casino sites to distract themselves from their daily routine and plunge into the world of excitement. The gaming clubs offer hundreds of slots for all tastes, and the companies involved in the development of slot machine emulators, regularly release new games. And today the market leaders in the production of online slots are the following companies:

International Game Technology (IGT) is an international gaming software manufacturer headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and Reno. Originally, IGT was a small firm specialized in computerization of land-based casinos. Today the company is one of the most famous developers and distributors of game software of different formats.

IGT Games

Cleopatra - slot machine interface which includes a 3x5 playing field and control panel. Through the 5 reels of the online machine are 20 adjustable prize lines. The slot machine is made in the Egyptian theme.

Kitty Glitter video slot from IGT consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines. Here combinations are collected with the help of card symbols and pictures with cats. The most valuable combination is made of five white cats, which will bring x1000 line bets. In the game there are special Wild and Scatter symbols. The latter can reward the user with freespins with additional "wilds". Payout frequency of the machine is medium.

Cats is a slot machine online with five reels and 30 paylines from the company IGT. As you rotate, the playing field will appear single and double standard images, wild and scatter symbols. Among the bonuses are freespins and instant payouts. The maximum payout is for five "wild" symbols - 300,000 credits.


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